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Moving Checklist

Address Change:

  • Notify friends and family of new address.
  • 2-3 weeks prior to moving, notify post office of address change.
  • 6-8 weeks prior to moving, change address for all subscriptions.
  • Change address on all credit cards.
  • Notify company of new location for life, health, fire and auto coverages.


  • Transfer funds.
  • Arrange check-cashing in new location.
  • Arrange credit references.

Utility Companies:

  • Gas, electric,water, telephone, disposal service, etc...
  • Ask for refunds on any deposits made.
  • Return TV cable boxes.

Delivery Service:

  • Newspapers, etc...

Health Care:

  • Get referrals from current doctor/dentist for new doctor/dentist in new area.
  • Obtain or have medical records transferred.
  • Transfer prescriptions.


  • Ask current veterinarian for referrals for a new veterinarian in new area.
  • Have pets records transferred.
  • Find out about regulations for licenses, vaccinations, tags, etc... in new area.

Other Things To Remember

Remember To:

  • Empty freezer, and refridgerator.
  • Defrost and clean refridgerator.
  • Plan for special care needs for children and pets.
  • Check with Department of Agriculture in new area regarding restrictions on plants.

Day of the Move:

  • Carry enough cash or traveler's checks to cover cost of moving services and expenses until you make banking connections in your new city.
  • Carry jewelry and documents with you or use certified mail.
  • Notify friends and/or relatives of your travel route and overnight stops.
  • Double-check closets, shelves, bathrooms, and cupboards for anything you may have missed.
  • Leave old keys, garage door openers, broiler pans, instruction manuals, etc. for new owner with real estate agent.

At Your New Home:

  • Obtain certified checks or cashier's checks necessary for closing your real estate transaction.
  • Check on service of telephone, electric, gas, etc
  • Check water heater, pilot light inside oven and furnace.
  • Register car(s) within 5 days, apply for new driver's license, and record new address on license(s).
  • Register to vote.
  • Transfer auto club membership.
  • Register children in school.
  • Locate and register in new place of worship.
  • Arrange for new doctors, dentist, pharmacy, etc.
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