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Preparing Your Home For Sale

Research shows that buyers look for specific features. Attention to these details will dramatically impact the speed and price at which your home sells.


Exterior Improvements

  • Trim hedges and shrubs to allow clear visibility of your home and windows.
  • Edge driveways and walkways for a finished, manicured look.
  • Remove or repair anything that looks old or worn.
  • Pay special attention to door and entryways.
  • Remove any grease or oil spots on concrete.
  • Add color with potted plants, especially around entryways.
Interior Improvements
  • Clean or replace carpets and drapes.
  • Clean windows, kitchens, and baths.
  • Keep garage and closets clean and organized.
  • Store items not in immediate use.
  • Remove clutter, stacks of magazines, knickknacks, etc.
  • Store all but minimum furniture and wall hangings.
  • Eliminate any odors or unsightly stains.
  • Paint where necessary.
  • Add fresh flowers throughout.
  • Keep fresh, matching towels and soaps in baths.
  • Clear kitchen and bath counters of everything but bare essentials.
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How to Get Every Dollar You Deserve
The ability to reap additional profits on the sale of your home can be accomplished easily enough if you make the right improvements. Basic, simple and inexpensive improvements can provide an improved emotional response in a potential buyer.
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